ASICS New York Marathon Messages Via RFID

Tue, Nov 23, 2010
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We do a lot of great work here in Australia with ASICS, so it was nice to see the new, innovative, experiential campaign from ASICS America as part of the New York Marathon. The campaign centered around creating personalised supporter messages for loved ones in the race, which would be triggered with RFID tags, displaying the individual messages on massive LED screens as runners passed selected sensor checkpoints in the Marathon.

ASICS setup a campaign site dedicated to taking images, video, messages, texts, tweets and Facebook comments of support for runners in the event. They also setup live video booths at the event, allowing friends and family to record their personal message in style.

The New York Marathon is the worlds biggest Marathon event, with over 45,000 runners and 2 million people cheering them on. Our CEO has run the event previously, and legend has it, it’s decently tough at almost 30 miles, so a personalised message is a seriously powerful motivator in an event like this. It kind of reminds me of the Nike Chalkbot campaign that has been a big part of the Tour de France for the last two years. Motivation is everything…

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