ASICS Mobile Website Launches

Thu, Sep 9, 2010
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We’ve been working on a lot of really cool projects for ASICS Australia, and a couple of weeks ago we launched a fully featured mobile site that provides an immersive experience, delivering a full product range (including things like reviews), store locator, intuitive shoe finder, access to search and complete social integration amongst many of other things. Last week, we picked up the first ever FWA Award for a mobile website! The entire team here is pretty pumped as you can imagine, so I thought I should share it with everyone, but not just because it’s a great award to win (it is!), but because I believe it’s one of the worlds best mobile website examples.

It’s pretty scary to run through some of the worlds biggest brands on your phone and to see about 95% of them don’t deliver a purely mobile site. I hope everyone checks out the ASICS Mobile site on their phone, you can see it at or just and it will auto detect.

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