Ashley & Martin: Bring It Back Campaign

Sun, Dec 20, 2009
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In a move that’s completely different to Shane Warne’s hair ads, Ashley & Martin (Australia) have launched a new social campaign called “Bring It Back”. It’s a blog that lets you post something you’d like to bring back into existence – foods that have stopped being made, a tv series etc.

The idea is that Ashley & Martin are known for bringing back hair, and are hoping to be seen helping to bring back anything from the past that was once loved. To do this, they are running a competition each week for the best idea which will win you $500.

Very cool concept, looks pretty low key to me so far, so will be interesting to see how the campaign ramps up and stats round out. I’d have loved to see some sort of weekly leader board to bring a competitive edge to the table, introduce some form of rating/tweet/facebook share metric to make up the leader board points and drive the entrants to share in all sorts of ways, as often as possible to help build hype – perhaps. Click here to check out the site. (thanks Kirsten)

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