Ariel Fashion Shoot: Facebook Game Installation

Sun, Sep 4, 2011
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Here is a great piece of digital/social/real world convergence for laundry brand Ariel. It’s a seriously low engagement category, so in an attempt to give people a reason to engage away from the washing machine, Saatchi & Saatchi Stockholm teamed up with B-Reel and Atomgruppen, to create a socially controlled stain squirting robot installation.

Setup in Stockholm Central Station, Sweden, the glass installation houses a robot arm designed to shoot liquids at white clothing travelling around the perimeter. The robot ofcourse, is controlled via a Facebook app and seen through a live streaming cam. The idea is, you take control of the robot and try to hit a moving target. If you do, you win, and the guys at Ariel will wash that piece of clothing and send it to you! We’ll continue to see more and more of these installations, and I can’t wait…

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