Amnesty International iAd: Slide to Unlock

Sat, Nov 12, 2011
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It looks like the “Slide to Unlock” iOS feature is becoming a popular creative feature for iAds. Amnesty International created this iAd in Sweden’s largest newspaper, DN, where readers are presented with an image of a prison cell and prisoner inside… The iAd prompts interaction by utilising the iOS “Slide to Unlock” graphic, which when used, opens the prison cell and reveals a strong call to action to join Amnesty International as an activist.

After seeing this ad… I wonder if there will be rules put in place around the use of native iOS features in iAds? I’m sure some could argue that it is misleading to some degree. It’s a great way to generate extra interaction, but will Apple try to crack down on it? I guess they don’t have control?

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