Amnesia Connect: Microsoft Surface To Mobile

Tue, Jan 25, 2011
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Did you manage to check out the new Microsoft Surface 2.0 demo from CES 2011? Well, hopefully you did, because when you combine Microsoft Surface with this new Apple iOS app, you’ve got something seriously innovative that will change the way we share and interact with digital content.

Amnesia Razorfish today launched Connect, an iOS app that creates real time, seamless sharing of just about any type of content between your iPhone, iPad, Surface Table and then back again. For the moment it uses the Surface’s Wifi to connect the devices and share in real time, while the table tracks each object’s position to give that seamless visual effect of content going in and out of the iPad/iPhone. Make sure you check out the very cool demo above. Congrats to Iain McDonald and all the guys at Amnesia Razorfish in Sydney. Looking forward to a hands on demo soon!

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