Alert Shirt: Haptic Feedback Footy Jersey

Mon, Mar 17, 2014
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If you’ve heard of Haptic Feedback, then this is a pretty cool example of what the future might hold. It’s called Alert Shirt, and looks to be a one-off, non-scientific prototype to hype the game on PayTV network ‘Foxtel’ in Australia, and it is wearable technology that promises to convert live game data into powerful sensations experienced instantly by the wearer during a match.

The haptic feedback object does a number of things including; Pressure: a thumping heart whenever the game is on the line. Impact: the shock of a big hit when players collide. Despair: the sinking feeling of every costly mistake. Exhaustion: lungs burning every time your team puts in a hard effort. Adrenalin: a rush of blood when your team is on the up.

How it does the above realistically, well… I’m sure it’s just a prototype!

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