Agency Flashturbation To WordPress & Web 2.0

Thu, May 28, 2009
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agencies turn flashturbation to wordpress and web 2.0
Some of the biggest digital agencies in the world are changing. Changing the way they produce their own websites! Just a year ago, agencies like EVB, The Bavarian Group & Fantasy Interactive had some of the slickest websites in town to compete with the cutting edge traditional agencies like McKinney, Leo Burnett, BBH and Goodby, Silverstein & Partners, but that was then, and now budgets are being cut, timings are getting tighter and clients more important than the agency “flashturbation” websites as they are known… But above all, agency websites need to become live feeds about the work they have done and more importantly the work they are doing. Content is KING remember! 

They are calling it the Feeds-Over-Flash concept. Where you take a high end website, press the delete button, say good by to the multi-art-director slagging matches and setup a slick new blog that allows you to communicate with your clients, the way you’re trying to get them to communicate with theirs! Plus, agencies can then easily intergate their various social media accounts to cross polinate as much as they like… Its simple really?

A lot of this is to do with the cost, or lack of it, in producing great looking sites (digital buzz!) on fantastic CMS platforms like wordpress, virtually for free. Not only this, it takes the slavery away from updating those crazy websites and actually allows agencies to quickly communicate with thier customers, syndicate feeds, build better SEO and simplify the experience people have with the brand…

There is a tonne of great comments going on over at AdFreak on this very topic. But I’d love to here your thoughts too! Is your agency moving this way? I’ve just launched an agency blog for IdeaWorks, focused on one of the core fundamentals of the agency, which will probably evolve into the main site over the next 6 months. Its called Refreshing Retail – check it out here.

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