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Are you interested in Advertising on Digital Buzz? Here is a quick overview of the site, it’s audience, traffic (so far!) and content strategy. Digital Buzz is fast becoming an industry leading resource for the latest in digital, it targets over 36 categories (as you can see on the menu to the right) but focuses very much around digital & interactive marketing ideas, websites, trends, campaigns, virals, social media, strategies & creative to name just a few.

With over 25,000 email & rss subscribers, Digital Buzz has already pushed past 300,000 visits a month with a core audience of people from Top Ad Agencies, Design Studios, Digital Agencies and Global Brands… Plus we’ve got our fair share of Internet Entrepreneurs, Creatives, Marketing Managers, Strategists, Business Owners, Online Marketers, Startups and Young Guns from around the world, paticurally the US, UK, CA, AUS, NZ, and right across Europe and Asia.

Soon we will be offering very limited advertising space to hand picked advertisers offing highly targeted campaigns that are relevant and of benefit to our audience, no acceptions. This space will be available as 300×250 flash banners, 125×125 gif banners, affiliate referral placements, with the option for sponsorships, polls, interviews and possibly content related advertorials.

Digital Buzz is ranked #15 in the AdAge Power150 bloggers list, for the most powerful marketing and advertising blogs around the world. Infact, out of the thousands of amazing blogs listed, Digital Buzz is the #1 ranked marketing blog that focuses purely on digital.

If you are interested in advertising with Digital Buzz, please submit your details in the form below to Aden Hepburn, so we can get in touch with you, at this point our rate-card is on a per request basis, however, we are currently seeking a single site sponsor for 2011.

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