Adobe Launches Photoshop iPhone App!

Sun, Oct 11, 2009
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Finally! Adobe has launched a Photoshop iPhone App that gives you some of the simplest and also most powerful tools that people love about Photoshop… and best of all, it’s FREE. It works almost entirely off touch-gestures instead of using dials and sliders .etc like most other apps or indeed the desktop versions of Photoshop.

The app will take a little getting use to with the gestures, but one you do, it’s fast, slick and pretty powerful. Click here to download it from iTunes. (it’s free remember!) Oh, you’ll need a account (also free) which allows you to instantly upload or download photos from your cloud account. Just another one of the great features!

Unfortunately, it’s only available in the US currently, but if you signup with a free account and select the US as your location, you’re in (so I’m told)! I don’t understand why they would block the app from the world, but I’m never supposed these days with the way companies are launching new products! Enjoy the app! Did you find it useful?

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