Adidas Match Tracker Visualisation App

Thu, Jun 24, 2010
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This is the Adidas Match Tracker from Group94, probably one of the best technical executions I’ve seen lately, possibly this year. The App provides the ultimate match analysis, it tracks every pass, every shot, every formation from any match in the 2010 champions league.

The Adidas Match Tracker is serving two purposes, firstly to allow players to learn directly from the professional players and teams as a whole in a way that is provided no where else, and secondly, for hard core fans to get right into the detail of the entire game, giving them the power to share any moment from any game through their social networks.

I think it’s tools like this that really blur the lines between advertising, content and education, a mix I believe will become increasingly powerful over the next few years with the a new generation of more affordable technology and mechanics being released that agencies and brands can afford to get their hands on. Click here to check out the Adidas Match Tracker App.

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