Adidas Augmented Reality Shoes Campaign

Mon, Jan 4, 2010
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The social sphere is alive with chatter on the new Adidas Augmented Reality Shoes campaign that is to launch in Feb. Adidas shoes will come with codes in the tongue that allow you to hold it up to a web cam and launch a 3D world right in the palm of your hands.

Where this is different to normal Augmented Reality campaigns, is that this 3D world will be completely interactive with at least 3 games added to the town with different shoes as the keys to access those exclusive areas. The shoe will also be the controller for the game while also allowing you to spin, zoom and change perspectives of the pop-up town in your hand.

I’m really looking forward to getting a sneak preview demo so stay tuned! Gimmick? Yes. Will people buy shoes to get exclusive access to games? Probably. Will blogs and forums fill up with people trying to get into the games and share codes? Definitely. Will it be viral? No doubt, if they support the launch with some great creative – which it looks like they will be. (via Wired)

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