A Unique View On Viral Campaigns…

Thu, Jun 18, 2009
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DC Shoes has a unique perspective on viral. Founder Ken Block is not just a shoe guy, he is also a professional rally driver. So to promote his own brand, the sport he loves and ofcourse his sponsor, he created a different kind of viral campaign that has 3million views on YouTube in just 2 weeks!

Different because the video tells you up front its basically an ad for DC Shoes. But viral because it goes back to the pure elements of what makes great viral… It’s a video you’ll want to show your friends and probably even tell the guy sitting next to you to check it out! Everyone loves to watch eye candy and this video has plenty of that. It might be 7 minutes long, but I bet you watched the whole thing? Read the whole article on Viral Blog here…

Thoughts on this video? Perhaps viral campaigns don’t always have to be funny?

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