3LiveShop: The Future Of Shopping Is Here.

Sun, Apr 10, 2011
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I see a lot of cool things every day. But not many are actually game changers, things that would shape industry, behavior, service or experiences… This one will… But not everyone will like it!

3 have just launched the “3LiveShop” a sort of video call through your computer/webcam that blends a seamless sales and service experience in real time, with a real person, essentially delivering the physical store’s customer benefits to just about anyone, anywhere, online.

There are two really cool things here, the first one you’ll say was always going to happen, and might have already been happening… Having sales people talking to you on eCommerce sites, it’s primarily been done through chat apps, and very occasionally a streaming webcam. But this is different, it’s real, its seamless, and it’s like you are sitting in front of them, with a virtual brochure.

Secondly, the way it works. It’s insane. The face to face experience is elevated to amazing with the way the multi-touch sales agent screen works, projected from underneath, onto a mirror that in turn is highlighted onto a glass panel with clearly marked navigation and interaction areas. The touch screen makes the experience for sales people natural, they are just dragging, scaling and adjusting the auto-populated content as they take each customer down the thousands of user paths, they can have multiple options on each screen so customers can clearly see the difference between products and services.

The benefits for 3 should be huge… The 3LiveShop system takes all thinking out of the equation for sales staff, with the system providing them with the most relevant options, meaning customers will be more informed, with better, faster service, so sales won’t be lost because the staff weren’t up-to date on the latest phones, plans and options, couldn’t cross sell, or were just crap!

I could probably list a thousand pros and even a few big cons. But I’ll let you guys have your say! Congratulations to the guys at B-REEL, Teenage Enginering and Isotop

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