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Netflix: The Halloween Doorbell Project

30. October 2016


Netflix’s new Halloween Doorbell gives trick-or-treaters a scream while you continue to stream, with the DIY Halloween Doorbell (comes complete with build instructions) transforming your home into a trick-or-treaters’ delight while you never leave the TV… You hang the Halloween Doorbell right over your existing one, so trick-or-treaters can’t find bother you. Then as trick-or-treaters [...]

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Introducing The Microsoft Surface Studio

27. October 2016


A day before the big a Apple event to introduce new Macs… Microsoft launch this. The Surface Studio PC that looks more like the most amazing Macbook meets iMac meets iPad you’ve ever seen, but with a killer haptic control device and an amazing hinge that lets the computer become a tablet of sorts. Oh [...]

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BMW Films Presents “The Escape” Full-Length

24. October 2016


BMW just released “The Escape” film moments ago, featuring the All-New 2017 BMW 5 Series and an all-star cast. Clive Owen, Dakota Fanning, Jon Bernthal… And it’s epic. Ok sure, you can’t compare it to an action feature film, regardless of the stars featuring, but for a brand to gamble on this is both bold [...]

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The “Great Volkswagen Ads” Documentary Film

22. October 2016


If you’ve worked in advertising, or studied it, you’ll know these ads. Perhaps the best of all time for Volkswagen, or indeed the entire auto-industry, becoming its own legendary status. So British filmmaker Joe Marcantonio, created a fantastic new documentary called “Remember Those Great Volkswagen Ads?” where he explores the dynamic and exciting power of [...]

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Red Bull “Smart” Payphones in São Paulo

15. October 2016


So Red Bull is hacking payphones in São Paulo to turn old infrastructure into a smarter city landscape as part of its promotion for Red Bull Basement, a festival designed to inspire change in the city through the use of new technology applications. Basically they are hack the city for the better. Red Bull “Smart [...]

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Facebook: Social Augmented Reality Is Here

14. October 2016


Mark Zuckerberg this week demoed the future of Augment Reality / VR with new “Social Reality” vision that brings people to life inside their Virtual Reality experiences, connected by friends to create a social-reality type experience. Inside the experience you can do just about anything; play games, view photos, talk as if you were in [...]

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BMW Films: The Escape Trailer

9. October 2016


Remember “The Hire” was BMW’s first online film over a decade ago. It helped shape the future of online content, and now, they debut a trailer for the new BMW films “The Escape” which premiers in about two-and-a-half weeks. The trailer is series of quick-cut, high-cctane scenes, with plenty of sheet metal, guns and a [...]

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Dove “Real Beauty Beats” Campaign

3. October 2016


Dove has released its next instalment of the famous “Real Beauty” campaign with a fantastic piece called “Real Beauty Beats” created in Portugal, where men are exclusively connected to heart rate monitors for this new experiment to show their reactions when describing different women’s beauty projected on a screen. Special models are shown first, generating [...]

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Instagram “Like My Addiction” Campaign

2. October 2016


Instagram is often a place to showcase the amazing life you live, so it’s no wonder when Louise Delage launched her profile, posting fantastic photos in exotic locations, boats and parties that people started to like her photos and follow her profile. But in this brilliant piece by BETC called “Like My Addiction” actually turned [...]

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