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Salvation Army: The Apple Donation Box App

15. November 2012


Another great idea from the students at Miami Ad School, this time for the Salvation Army. Imagine if you could donate your old iPhone Apps that you no longer use, and have their value donated directly back to a charity, just by dropping them into a Donation Box app on your phone! And while perhaps [...]

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Red Bull Kluge: Ultimate Athlete Dominos

13. November 2012


This format isn’t exactly new, but you’ve also probably never seen quite a line up like this all in one piece of content… Red Bull Kluge is the next instalment of ‘Athlete Machines’ meet domino challenges featuring a host of Red Bull sponsored athletes. It starts slow, and some parts are probably a little forced, [...]

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JAM With Chrome: An HTML 5 Experiment

12. November 2012


Here is a really cool Google Chrome Experiment called ‘Jam With Chrome’ where you can invite friends into a live ‘JAM’ session to play across an array of instruments and collaboratively create music from a Chrome browser anywhere in the world on just about any device. Adding a friend generates a unique short url specific [...]

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Buyral: The Professional Clicking Agency

10. November 2012


This Buyral video has been kicking around for the last week and I’m sure you’ll all appreciate it! A spoof of how agencies from around the world get their YouTube videos to go Viral… Well, as you’ll see in this video, it’s just as you probably expected, with professional clicking networks the world over, using [...]

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Windows 8: The Live Tile Experiment

8. November 2012


Microsoft may be under legal fire for the Live Tile functionality in their Windows Phone 8 and Windows 8 OS, but that will not stop them from promoting the hell out it. In fact, Microsoft just partnered with Norwegian electro rock band Datarock to bring Live Tile functionality to unsuspecting Oslo residents. The clueless pedestrians [...]

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Intel Discovered: An Xbox Kinect Advergame

5. November 2012


There seems to be a growing trend towards advergames developed specifically for the Xbox marketplace as a new way to connect with consumers in a medium that amplifies engagement and can directly reward participation, all in an environment where people are ready to play! So look out for a rush of big brand advergames coming [...]

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Nissan: Voice Driver Installation

4. November 2012


Voice powered radio controlled car races over the internet? What a seriously cool installation from Nissan using their ‘Z’ Sports Cars. In about 5 days, there will be a Japan GP where people turn up to race with the power of their voice… A week after that, it will be open to the world, with [...]

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Nike+ Xbox Kinect Training Game

2. November 2012

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Here is it. The highly anticipated new Nike+ game for Xbox that is powered by the Kinect, allowing you to train at home as part of the game, earn fuel points and track your performance as part of the Nike+ platform with the Kinect measuring your every move. The game provides an initial test to [...]

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Adidas: Interactive Window Shopping

1. November 2012


There have been some pretty cool window shopping examples over the last year, but this easily takes the cake, with a completely interactive in-window experience that lets customers flick through clothing racks, individual garments and play with a model (getting them to try on every item) to see exactly how the clothes look, no matter [...]

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