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Phillips Hue: iOS Controlled LED Lights

31. October 2012


I think there was a Kickstarter project a little while back that wanted to create an iPhone controlled lighting system. Well, it looks like Phillips beat them to commercializing it. Introducing ‘Hue’ the world’s most advanced lighting system, where each bulb lasts 15 years, has 11 LEDs that can generate 16 million hues per bulb, [...]

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Dyskograf: Create Music From Drawings

30. October 2012


Seriously cool. The Dyskograf is a graphic disk reader that creates music from drawings, or more precisely, from felt tip pens that draw shapes on paper discs. These discs are read by the Dyskograf’s camera as it spins, while constantly decoding the images via an algorithm/software platform to produce unique notes in real time for [...]

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Google Data Center: Street View Experience

29. October 2012

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Ever wondered what a Google Data Centre would look like inside? Well, now you can Street View it and explore just about every square inch of one or follow a guided tour. On first glance, I couldn’t exactly get the street view platform to get me into the deepest parts of the data centre with [...]

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Hyundai Vision Hall: Dynamic Art Installation

28. October 2012


I thought you might fancy some eye candy to kick the week off… So check out Hyundai’s ‘Vision Hall’ in South Korea where a 16k video wall with 32 channel surround sound setup allows their designers, partner agencies and artists alike to create visual art installations on a grand scale. Beautiful…

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Jameson Irish Whiskey: Playable AR Billboards

25. October 2012


Jameson Irish Whiskey has launched a huge Blippar activation in Australia for the launch of their new RTDs. The Blippar campaign turns the bottle (where ever it is seen) into a game when scanned with the Blippar App, which is powered by Image Recognition technology on an Augmented Reality Platform, creating ‘playable’ billboards, adshells, websites, [...]

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SlideShare: What Is Digital Strategy?

24. October 2012


It’s interesting to look at how a strategy brain works, more so, the transition of traditional strategists or other agency types who are getting into digital strategy… So, I thought it would be great to share this SlideShare presentation from my mate Julian Cole, who’s the digital strategy director at BBH in New York. The [...]

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LG: Falling Floor Digital Elevator Installation

23. October 2012


A staged elevator prank, but a very cool installation. LG has hijacked an office elevator, removed the floor, replaced it with a whole bunch of their new IPS monitors which are triggered by sensors to display a virtual floor falling out of the elevator, exposing the shaft and an almost certain fall to death! An [...]

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Coke Zero: 70secs To Unlock The 007 In You

20. October 2012


Check out this Coke Zero challenge for the launch of the new 007 movie… An entire ‘chase’ style scene was set-up in a train station and activated by people buying Coke Zero from a digital vending machine. The moment you guy a Coke Zero, you are thanked with the chance to win tickets to the [...]

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Mercedes: Twitter Powered TVC #YOUDRIVE

19. October 2012


Mercedes-Benz UK has created a social media first by using Twitter to allow viewers to select the ending of the recently launched TVC. Check out this video that shows the promotional trailer for the campaign. The ads, created by Abbott Mead Vickers BBDO, and aired during the X Factor, saw viewers drive the action of a [...]

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iAd: Breast Cancer Self-Check iPad Ad

17. October 2012


Here’s a really simple, smart, actionable iPad Ad created in conjunction with Breast Cancer Awareness Month and the National Cancer Society of Malaysia. It challenges iPad magazine readers of a leading female focused lifestyle magazine to win the prize of a lifetime by completing a challenge… Each step of the interactive challenge is one part [...]

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