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National Geographic: Live Augmented Reality

6. November 2011


There is a pretty cool National Geographic road show touring shopping centres in Hungary right now, an augmented reality installation that lets the thousands of people passing by interact with the type of content they would find on the National Geographic channel, from dolphins and dinosaurs to leopards, spacemen and lots more. It works by [...]

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Volkswagen: The Fanwagen

2. November 2011


Choose, Build, and drive away with it… This is the tagline of our new campaign, called “the Fanwagen”.Volkswagen the Netherlands invites its fans to vote for their all-time favorite model. As a reward, it rebuilds this model in a one of a kind edition: the Fanwagen. Whether they vote for the classic van the T1 [...]

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Microsoft: Our Vision Of The Future (Video)

1. November 2011


Here is the latest instalment in Microsoft’s ongoing “Future Vision” series of videos… This time, depicting how technology will increase productivity in your life. It kind of reminds me of the Future of Screen Technology video from this time last year. The video takes us on a highly futuristic journey, but one that is somewhat [...]

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Google Street Boo: Live Halloween Costume

1. November 2011


A few guys from BBH in New York are attempting to claim the nerdiest Halloween costumer ever, which comes complete with it’s own website! What?! Yep, they’ve become real “Street View Guys” for Halloween, including full GPS mapping and video streaming of their Halloween adventures, plotted in real time onto Google Maps! You can follow [...]

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