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Hyundai Real Life “Likes” via RFID at AutoRAI

30. April 2011


Well it seems that Renault wasn’t the only brand pushing Facebook “Likes” via RFID at the 2011 AutoRAI Motorshow in Amsterdam this year, with Hyundai deploying a very similar social engagement strategy, linking Facebook accounts to RFID “Like” cards for visitors of their stand. I wonder if that was a little embarrassing for both agencies [...]

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AT&T: Augmented Reality Facebook App

28. April 2011


You have probably already seen this one a while back, but I wanted to add it to the archives either way… AT&T have created an Augmented Reality “Unboxing” Facebook App for the trio of new Windows 7 phones, letting users experience the latest smartphone features with a layer of seamlessly integrated social content, like friends [...]

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Orange: #myroyalplate Twitter Campaign

27. April 2011


Last week Aden posted a nice like campaign from Orange ‘Predict-A-Chick‘ and this week they have just launched My Royal Plate which is a fun little campaign that takes advantage of the hype surrounding the pending Royal Wedding. The campaign invites users to Tweet a special un-royal moment that they would like to remember to [...]

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Infographic: The Social Consumer

26. April 2011


We are already seeing that this year is going to be an exciting one for brands to embrace social commerce with smart, innovative campaigns. Brands are moving towards integrating physical and online stores into the consumer’s shopping experience to leverage the ‘social consumer’ who shops with social intelligence using their social graph. This infographic from [...]

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Kung Fu Panda 2 Facebook Parade

26. April 2011


Love this. With every new movie release comes an increasingly important social component that can now make or break an opening weekend. Gone are the days of the famous microsite that plays the latest trailer and challenges you to an advergame… Those days only started a few years ago for the big film studios, and [...]

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Renault Pushes Facebook “Likes” via RFID

26. April 2011


I suspect the use of RFID with social integration will step up a few notches this year, we’ll see it at more events, in more stores and as part of more brand experiences as agencies tech-up and brands look to innovate in 2011. Infact, I’m working on a very cool brand experience using RFID technology [...]

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Volkswagen Passat LinkedIn Challenge

25. April 2011


Here is one of the very first branded experiences utilising the new LinkedIn API, and interestingly, it’s for the new Volkswagen Passat campaign in the Netherlands, helping to remind people that its seriously packed full of standard features, just like most peoples LinkedIn profiles! Volkswagen’s LinkedIn campaign called “LinkedUit” or (LinkedOut) gives anyone who challenges [...]

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Nike “Zlatan” Zuperfly Virtual Experience

22. April 2011


Know Zlatan Ibrahimovic? Well he plays for AC Milan and has just over 1 million fans on Facebook, so I’m assuming her is a half decent player! So if you’re a fan, you can now play Nike’s “Zuperfly” Game, well actually, its more of a virtual experience seeing the guys from Naked Communications in Sweden [...]

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Orange: Predict-A-Chick Has Hatched!

21. April 2011


If you didn’t catch it about a week ago, Orange was running a cool little campaign called Predict-A-Chick on TheFeed, streaming a live hatchling lab of about 17 numbered chicken eggs that would become a real-time guessing game for “First to Hatch” and even things the “Loudest Tweeter”… You could make your predictions and then [...]

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Chromaroma: Gamifying London Transport

19. April 2011


To kick it off… Think of Chromaroma as an automated version Foursquare for public transport in London! Weird right? Well, maybe not… Public transport is one of those things you use every day with out thinking and its often the most boring part of your day, so what if you could be part of an [...]

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