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Microsoft’s New Street Slide Mapping View

29. July 2010


If there is even just a little bit of nerd in you, you’re going to love this. Microsoft’s research team is working on a street mapping view called “Street Slide” and by the looks of it, will eventually provide you a whole new experience and some serious visual perspective in comparison to the way you [...]

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Audi’s Augmented Reality Calendar

28. July 2010


This is a fantastic idea executed to perfection by Audi. In 2010 they didn’t create just another beautiful calendar, they created an unexpected experience! Yes, they printed the calender purely as landscape images, blank, no cars, nothing, and then prompted people to download the special iPhone app that would allow you to activate the calendar [...]

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Diesel Facepark: The Analog Version of Facebook

27. July 2010


Diesel’s “Be Stupid” campaign platform continues to drive ridiculously innovative work. This time they’ve said that Digital is smart. Analog is stupid. And with that, Diesel has created a social event called Facepark, a live event where thousands turned up to create an analog version of Facebook, simulating pretty much everything you can do on Facebook in a physical [...]

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Starbucks Social Strategy Keynote

26. July 2010


If you are interested in Digital & Social Strategy you’ll want to bookmark 25mins to watch this video (or flip through the Slideshare pres below), it’s the keynote presentation by Alexandra Wheeler (Digital Director of Starbucks) that opened the recent Social Media Influence 2010 conference in London. And for those of you who don’t know, [...]

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Wi-Fireworks: Remote HTML 5 Installation

26. July 2010


If you are a Flash developer, it might just be HTML 5 installations like this that start worrying you! We all know HMTL 5 can produce great drawing apps, sure, that’s easy, but combining that kind of functionality into live digital installations with multiple remote users use to be a flash only affair… This is [...]

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Flipboard: The iPad Social Magazine

25. July 2010


You’ve all probably seen the Flipboard iPad App by now, but if you haven’t and you own an iPad, you’ll be excited to see what this app actually does. Flipboard is an iPad magazine made dynamically from your social content and connections on Facebook & Twitter along with some other publicly available feeds that are all pulled [...]

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YouTube’s Show & Tell Site For Marketers

22. July 2010


I’ve just been sent a link to what I believe is an almost undiscovered land within YouTube, well, by undiscovered I mean I’ve never seen it (have you guys??) and for an official YouTube run channel, it’s clearly almost non existent with only 60,000 views since going live back in December 2009. This is home to the the [...]

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The Star Wars Subway Viral Video

20. July 2010


Looking back at my previous post on Flash Mobs, it’s interesting to see how something on a much smaller scale can have a much bigger impact. I guess you could call this a flash mob of sorts, but it’s not your typical dancing group (although these are the same guys that did the Frozen Grand Central [...]

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Breast Cancer “Magic Boobs” Case Study

19. July 2010


Digital is unique in the fact you can create almost anything, anywhere. So for this Polish Breast Cancer awareness campaign, Change Integrated devised something a little different around an insight into making breast cancer detection methods fun to learn, for men! So in the adult section of one of the most popular polish websites, they placed a very smart [...]

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Surely Flash Mobs Are Now Dead?

18. July 2010


Take a good look at this Flash Mob created by Malibu in NYC and then pause for a moment of silence, because that might just be the last promotional flash mob you’ll ever see! Don’t get me wrong, I think flash mobs were pretty cool in 2008 and even early 2009, the 10 or so [...]

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