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Samsung Shakedown Campaign Case Study

6. June 2010


Fethi posted when this campaign first launched in Feb, and I’m surprised we haven’t seen more “live” campaigns this year, in late 2009 I thought we were seeing the beginning of a trend around live streaming campaigns where users could interact and directly affect the outcome of something physical from the real world, it was all the buzz, but [...]

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Coke ARG: The Secret Is Out There

3. June 2010


Coca Cola has launched what looks to be a new ARG based around the secret coke recipe and a guy named Doctor Pemberton (one commenter on YouTube said, it sounds like the guy who invented Dr Pepper, or if he is real, is this the guy that laced the early versions with Cocaine?!). They’ve seeded a [...]

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BMW 3D Projection Mapping Singapore

3. June 2010


At the risk of sounding (blogging?) like a broken record, here is another amazing 3D projection mapping installation (so I hope you don’t mind!), this time from BMW in Singapore. The first thing that really stands out with this installation is that it’s set across two separate buildings and an intersection, probably the very first projection mapping [...]

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Opera Browser: Potato World Record Speed Test

2. June 2010


Last month Google released a viral campaign around their Chrome Speed Test where they tested the Chrome browser against the speed of a potato gun among a number of other things. So in a hilarious and cheeky poke directly back at Google, Opera have released this parody video showing their browsers’ attempt to beat the potato boiling [...]

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Kaiak: The Scented Web Banner!

1. June 2010


In amongst the current social media hype, it’s great to see a web banner idea really stand out. Created by TBWA Brazil for a the re-launch of a men’s fragrance, the agency created a scented web banner that was… real. To make the idea come to life, they sponsored 15 lan houses across Brazil and installed [...]

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