1800 Flowers: Flowers From Facebook Friends

Tue, Aug 30, 2011
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Here is a great initiative from 1800 Flowers who are well known as a pioneer in social commerce, being one of the first to launch a Facebook store. So to showcase their same day delivery capabilities, they’ve come up with a great idea demonstrating it with birthday notifications.

They’ve created an app that lets you post a virtual flower to a friends wall, wishing them happy birthday. But the cool thing here, is that virtual flower counts as one “real” flower in a group bouquet from all their Facebook friends. With everyone adding virtual flowers, 1800 Flowers will then send that bunch, wrapped with the photos of everyone who participated to the birthday boy/girl by the end of the day! I think that’s a pretty cool initiative, particularly because it’s absolutely free!

I can’t confirm this is real… It might actually be another student piece out of the Miami Ad School.

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